Baptist Women in Ministry

In February, we will celebrate Baptist Women in Ministry Month of Preaching. Baptist Women in Ministry is one of our partners in ministry, which supports the gifts and calling of women. It is an opportunity to recognize the leadership of women in the history of the church, as it honors the ministries of leaders like Ella Pearson Mitchell, Helen Barrett Montgomery, and Edna Lee de Gutiérrez. All of these church leaders surpassed the limitations placed on them, reminding the church of God’s calling for all people.

We give thanks for all of the leaders at Auburn First Baptist, both past and present, which have represented the expanse of God’s calling. It continues to speak to us today about the work of the Spirit of God in this world. We join Baptist congregations across the country, celebrating the calling of women.

On Sunday, February 6, we will welcome Milligan Burroughs to lead us in worship. Milligan is a first-year student at the McAfee School of Theology, pursuing her Master of Divinity. She is also a CBF Leadership Scholar and serves as a Youth Ministry Associate at Johns Creek Baptist Church in Atlanta. She is from Birmingham, Alabama, and her home church is Vestavia Hills Baptist Church.

We celebrate the expanse of God’s calling because we have all been touched by it. If we took five minutes to remember the people who have shaped our faith and life, we could write down names from across our lives. Those names would represent people of diverse gifts and voices. They have all contributed to our lives in profound ways. They also remind us not to put limits on God’s calling!

Let us give thanks for the people who have shaped our faith, and who have shaped the life of this congregation. We are thankful for the leadership and calling of women across the generations!


Auburn First Baptist Church