Global Ministries Offering

Each year, we are invited to participate in an annual missions offering, which is over and above our support of the general fund of the church, contributing to our Global Ministries Offering. Our GMO Budget for 2022-2023 is available around the church. We begin giving to it at the end of February, and we can continue to give to it until next February.

In our GMO Budget, we support global missions, joining with other congregations to support field personnel from the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship around the world. We support hunger relief and disaster relief. We support seminary students in theological education, and we provide Bibles for prisoners. We support local, state, national, and global missions!

We added one partner in ministry to our GMO Budget for 2022-2023. Together for Hope was CBF’s twenty-year commitment to the twenty poorest counties in the country. Sowing Seeds of Hope in Alabama, which we have supported for years, is a part of this ministry. After the twenty-year commitment was completed, Together for Hope decided to expanded its reach. It is now reaching out to the 301 counties of persistent poverty in the country.

Our GMO Sunday will be on February 27, which is also Transfiguration of the Lord Sunday. We will read the story of Jesus and the three disciples climbing the mountain to pray, where they saw a great light! Jesus was transfigured, or changed, in front of them, standing alongside Moses and Elijah.

Our commitment to the GMO Budget allows us to participate in changing the world! We are dedicated to providing relief, extending hope, giving support, and serving alongside others. Through this offering, we participate in the light of Christ, as it reaches to all darkness. We give thanks for the dedication of Auburn First Baptist to missions and our Global Ministries Offering.

We are invited to provide a one-time gift or to make a commitment to regular, or monthly gifts, to the GMO throughout the year. We can invite our children or young people to participate as well, raising money through a lemonade stand or talking about what the offering represents!


Auburn First Baptist Church