Lenten Lunches

We are thankful we can return to gathering for our Lenten Lunches this year, which will begin on Ash Wednesday, March 2. We will meet each Wednesday, except for March 9, from 12:00-1:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall. Lunch will be provided for $5.00, or you can bring your own lunch. We will be mindful of our time for those coming during their lunch hour from work.

As we travel this Lenten journey together, we will talk about the spirituality of walking. During the recent experience of the pandemic, many of us rediscovered the joy of walking. When we could not go about our daily lives during quarantine, we would take a daily walk.

Lent is the season of the Church Year, where we return to the center of our faith. We might give something up for forty days, or we might add a spiritual practice to our lives. It helps us prepare for the joy and celebration of Easter morning! Walking has long been a spiritual activity, allowing us to reflect, to pray, or to experience the world around us.

The initial calling of Jesus to the disciples, and to us, is to “follow me.” We will consider this calling alongside the spirituality of walking, as we take this journey through Lent. Each week, we will discuss a different aspect of walking and our faith.

March 2 – The Path Before Us
March 9 – Not Meeting, Spring Break
March 16 – Taking Our Prayers for a Walk
March 23 – One Step at a Time
March 30 – Walking in Circles
April 6 – Shaking the Dust Off
April 13 -Walking Across Water

Walking can help us practice discernment and to make decisions. It can introduce us to our neighbors and the world where we live. It can focus our thoughts and allow us to reflect on our experiences. It can lead us to discover God’s presence and Christ’s love. We can walk with others, or by ourselves, as we explore insights for our life and faith.

We will enter this journey together, as we prepare our hearts for the celebration of Easter. It is a journey, which can shape the other paths and trails we navigate throughout our lives!


Auburn First Baptist Church