Youth Sunday

As we continue to travel the journey of Lent, marking these days with a recommitment of faith and an openness to God’s presence around us, we look forward to Sunday, April 3, where our youth will lead us in worship. Youth Sunday is a special day for our congregation, as we celebrate the voices and gifts of our young people, which enrich our family of faith!

Each year our youth spend time preparing to lead us in worship, talking about the hymns, scripture readings, and prayers in the service. They reflect on the meaning of worship, and each element of the service. These conversations enrich their understanding of worship, as they grow in their faith.

We also benefit from their leadership in worship, as Kenda Creasy Dean has said, “Youth ministry is not just about youth.” It is about all of us! It is about the community of faith. As they lead us, we are open to their understanding of this world, faith, and God, giving us the gift of a fresh perspective as they benefit from the gift of leadership experience.

One gift, which we all need, and especially as we grow up, is the affirmation of our faith. We need the opportunity to share our thoughts and to hear the support of others. As we explore and reflect, we need others to affirm our efforts and our journey. We need to know that our gifts are valued!

Youth Sunday is one of the days, where we offer our affirmation. We celebrate our young people—for who they are and who they are becoming. We will gather around them, learning from them and giving thanks for them! We look forward to Youth Sunday, which will help lead us through Lent to the celebration of Easter morning.


Auburn First Baptist Church