On May 9, 2017, we were thankful that Kristina Hickman became the Office Manager at Auburn First Baptist.  This May, we now wish her a wonderful five-year anniversary at the church!  We are grateful for the many ways she serves this congregation.

Over the course of five years, the church has navigated a great deal from building maintenance projects to a global pandemic.  We have sustained the ministries of the church during a time of perpetual change, and we have continued to support our missions locally and globally.  The logistics for these efforts always run through Kristina’s office.  She enables us to gather and to serve on a weekly basis!

We have many reasons to thank her because she coordinates our communications, oversees our finances, and supports our committees.  She is the voice you hear on the phone when you call the church, and she is the one who welcomes you to the office.  We are grateful for her commitment, kindness, and skill!

We celebrate this anniversary with her because she is integral to the ministry of the church.  I invite you to write a note of gratitude to her and to send it to the church office.  We want to recognize all the good work she does for the congregation!

Whether it is our worship service on Sunday or a special annual event, Kristina provides invaluable support to Auburn First Baptist and its ministries.  We depend on her as we plan business meetings and schedule fellowship events.  She helps us manage all of the details, which are essential to everything we do!

We are grateful for her dedication and excellence, as we celebrate this five-year anniversary with her!