Vacation Bible School: Partners with God

One of the projects of our Life is Calling Committee has been commissioning a Vacation Bible School curriculum written specifically for Auburn First Baptist on calling. The Reverend Julie Long wrote the curriculum, entitled, Partners with God. We are excited for VBS on June 6-9, and we are thankful for our Directors, Cathy Summers and Sue Walker, who will lead it!

In Partners with God, the children of the church will hear about the callings of Abraham and Sarah, Mary the mother of Jesus, the disciples at the Last Supper, and Peter as he eats with Gentiles. The themes for each day are:

  • God’s people are called,
  • I am called,
  • Our church is called,
  • All are called.

Since the curriculum is written for our congregation, the mission focus for each day includes our partners in ministry like the Community Market and Campus Kitchens.

Vacation Bible School is a sacred time in the life of a child and the life of the church because of everything taking place that cannot be seen. The congregation gathers around the children of the church, surrounding them with love and joy. The children are learning about the stories of scripture, church engagement, and mission, or calling. The children discover that they can participate in the calling of the church, not just during VBS, but for their entire lives!

The crafts bring the lessons to life as do the mentors and leaders of VBS! The memories of the week will include songs and leaders, who teach the children about God’s love. Even when we are adults, we can remember the songs, and we can remember the leaders, who showed us the joy of faith!

Our prayer for the children of the church is they will build these types of memories, as they learn about becoming Partners with God. They will learn about opportunities for partnering with God’s grace as well as the ways they are already partners with God!


Auburn First Baptist Church