In the month of July, Auburn First Baptist has big plans! We will welcome home our mission team from Brazil, which is always a big trip with big celebrations. We look forward to hearing from them in August, as they share their experiences. We look forward to hearing their stories, as they are always full of joy for the work in Brazil, building a church and sharing with the children.

We will also send our children and youth to Passport Camps in July! The theme for Passport Camp this summer is BIG! They will reflect on God’s big love for them, and for this world. They will consider their big capacity for love and the limitless opportunities to make an impact on this world. We offer our prayers and encouragement to them, as they travel, learn, and enjoy these experiences.

In the midst of this world, which can make us feel rather small because of it’s immense problems and overwhelming odds, we remember that God is big enough to hold us and to care for us. God is big enough for our pain, which can seem insurmountable!

In addition to the big plans of July, as groups from the church travel and return from other places, we also give thanks for the weekly gathering of worship. Each week, it opens us up to the big love of God, which surrounds us! When we feel small in this world, we find solace and hope in gathering with others. We do not feel as small when we are with the family of faith.

We remember that we are a part of a bigger story, and a larger people! They connect us to the big love of God, which is always enough!


Auburn First Baptist Church