Children of the Church

On Sunday, October 16, the children of the church will step into the pulpit and speak into the microphone, leading us in worship. They will offer prayers and sing anthems, sharing their voice and their spirit with us, as a gift for God. We will listen and follow their lead, recognizing their gifts and encouraging them as they continue to grow up in the church!

It is one of the treasures of the church! We dedicate the children of the church to God, and we make a commitment to walk alongside them as they mature and grow. It is a commitment, full of joy and purpose, as we get to stand beside them as they discover the depths of God’s love for them and their calling to serve others. We are able to see through their eyes, as they recognize more and more that they are children of God, learning to follow the ways of Jesus.

Children’s Sabbath is a special day in the life of our congregation because the children of the church stand in front us and offer their leadership. They have the chance to articulate their faith and to think about the meaning of worship. We celebrate them, and their leadership among us!

Years ago, I heard a story about a parent waiting for the church bus to return from a retreat. She, and her family, had been members of their church for several years. Her child had been on these retreats before. As she was waiting, she was talking to a parent, who was new to the church, and her child was attending the retreat for the first time.

When the church bus pulled into the parking lot, the new parent asked the other parent, “Which one is your child?” She saw her son sitting in the middle of the bus, and she started to point him out. But she also saw the faces of children she had taught in Sunday School or spent time with during Vacation Bible School.

Instead of pointing out her son, she said, “Actually, I think they all are mine!” We walk alongside the children of the church, supporting them and their families, because they belong to all of us!

After Children’s Sabbath, we will gather as a family of faith at Town Creek Park for our Churchwide Picnic!