Peace Pole

One of the projects developed by the Life is Calling Committee and approved by the congregation is the installation of a Peace Pole in our Courtyard. A Peace Pole is a symbol of peace, which is used around the world. On the Peace Pole, it says, “May Peace Prevail on Earth,” in English and in seven other languages. It is a prayer for peace, remembering that we pray with others around the globe for God’s peace.

On Sunday evening, November 6 at 5:00 p.m., we will gather to dedicate our Peace Pole. The seven languages on our Peace Pole include Spanish, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, Swahili, Chinese, and Muscogee. We are inviting members from our community who can speak those languages.

We will meet in the Fellowship Hall to reflect on the meaning of peace, hearing from our Life is Calling Committee and friends from other faith traditions. We will also hear a video from Ela Gandhi, who is a peace activist, former member of Parliament in South Africa, and the granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi. She has recorded a video for us and for this occasion!

Our hope is the Peace Pole will remind us of the beatitude, given to us by Jesus, “Blessed are the peacemakers.” It will call us to pray and to work for peace, which has long been a priority of the Church throughout its history. It is like the Passing of the Peace, where we might say, “May the Peace of Christ be with you,” and the other person responds, “And also with you.”

The Peace Pole will be an invitation to everyone who walks by it, or as we come to have a time for prayer, lament, or hope. It will be a gift to the community. It reminds us that our blessing is tied to the blessing of others. We love our neighbor as ourself by living into God’s peace, and by working for it.

We are thankful for this opportunity, as we dedicate the Peace Pole in our Courtyard. We come alongside one another, and with others in our local community, to pray, hope, and work for peace!


Auburn First Baptist Church