Twenty Years!

On January 21, 2003, Jada Butler joined the staff of Auburn First Baptist Church, tending to our facilities and preparing our spaces, so we can gather for worship and fellowship with one another. This year we celebrate her twentieth anniversary at the church! It is a remarkable gift, working at a place for two decades.

We cannot express our gratitude enough for everything Jada does during the week! She prepares our Sunday School rooms and tends to the sanctuary, so they are ready for us to gather. She makes sure everything is clean and welcoming for our guests. She makes cookies for Thursday evenings, and she responds to particular needs that arise.

Jada is such a valuable member of the church staff and our congregation! We never want to overlook the behind-the-scenes preparation that takes place every week before we come to church. Whether it is preparing the sanctuary for worship after a wedding on Saturday evening or arranging the tables in the Fellowship Hall for a special event, Jada’s work is essential to our community of faith.

She is dependable and kind, dedicated and meticulous! We are grateful for all the ways in which she serves this congregation. We want to express our appreciation for her twenty years of service, so I invite you to write notes of gratitude to her and to mail them to the church office.

Much of Jada’s work takes place in the background, which is the place where ministry always happens. We would not be able to gather and worship, study and fellowship, without her essential work. We celebrate her dedication and service to the church for twenty years!


Auburn First Baptist Church