Stories of Our Congregation’s Calling

On Sunday evening, February 5, we will gather in the Fellowship Hall at 5:00 p.m. for a potluck supper with soup, salad, & bread. Everyone is invited to bring one of these items. After dinner, we will gather in small groups to hear “Stories of Our Congregation’s Calling.”

The Life is Calling Committee has planned this event, so we can celebrate and remember the many ways our congregation has lived into its calling. The committee has invited members of the congregation to share stories about ministries of the church. Each small group will hear from a few different church members, and the group will be able to ask questions.

In the small groups, church members will talk about worship or music, children or youth, missions or college, caregiving or leadership. There will be stories about the Brazil Mission Trip, sacred traditions from worship, and empowering women in leadership. We will give thanks for those who have gone before us, and we will envision the future ahead of us!

It is difficult to describe the calling of Auburn First Baptist in one sentence, but it can be shared in stories. They are stories about kindness and service, courage and faithfulness, hope and gratitude! During the event, we will record all of the stories, which will be compiled for the congregation, so everyone can listen to every story that is shared.

We benefit from knowing our story as a congregation, so we can live into it going forward as well as share it with others. We are grateful for all of our storytellers, members of the committee, and the congregation as we look forward to this meaningful event!


Auburn First Baptist Church