Baby Shower

On Sunday, May 14, the Mission Committee is planning a Baby Shower for the Community Market after worship. We have gathered for a Baby Shower in recent years, and we look forward to this celebration again!

We are thankful for the Community Market and for how it serves our neighbors. We partner with the Community Market, supporting its work, as it provides for those who are food insecure.

In addition to providing food assistance, the Community Market has a baby closet, which provides necessary items for families with children. The baby closet is always in need of items like baby food, cereal, diapers, wipes, lotions, baby wash, and baby oil. We are invited to bring these items or financial gifts for the Community Market.

After worship on May 14, we will gather in the Courtyard to celebrate this Baby Shower with cupcakes and fellowship! It is fitting that on Mother’s Day we offer our support and kindness to the most vulnerable in our community. We give thanks for the children in our community and surround them with our encouragement!

We recognize why Jesus invited the children to gather around him and why we have to become like children to enter the kingdom of God. The empathy and joy we cultivate through caring for children mirrors the steadfast love of God for us all. When we reach out to children, we see the image of God in all people!

We are thankful for the gift of children, and we will express our thanksgiving by showering them with these necessary items. We look forward to gathering after worship on May 14.