College Choir Reunion

Every five years, we celebrate the College Choirs of Auburn First Baptist Church! From across the years, former students from these College Choirs travel to Auburn to gather, fellowship, and sing.

On May 26-28, we will welcome former students from these College Choirs to Auburn, and they will lead us in worship on Sunday, May 28. We look forward to seeing familiar faces and to hearing beautiful voices in worship! It is a rare gift, which we are able to celebrate, as we give thanks for this ministry.

Throughout the weekend, friendships will be renewed and stories will be shared about everyone’s experience in the College Choir. There will be laughter and joy as people celebrate this bond, which is shared by many! As a congregation, we will give thanks for this wonderful tradition and the students, who have been a part of this congregation.

It is fitting that the College Choir will lead us in worship on May 28 because it is Pentecost. It is the day, where we remember the Spirit of God blowing through the room and gathering the Church. In the African American tradition of the church, it is often said that unless there is singing the Spirit of God cannot come.

We will gather in worship and the sanctuary will be filled with the songs of our faith. We will give thanks, and we will sing! We are thankful the Spirit of God weaves the church together!

All of the former students and members of the College Choir hold an important place in the life of our congregation as this church holds an important place in their lives. The Spirit of God connects us as we gather once again to worship!


Auburn First Baptist Church