Vacation Bible School: God’s Superheroes

We are excited because next week we will gather for Vacation Bible School from June 5-8!  Our theme for this year is God’s Superheroes.  We are thankful for Julie Long, who wrote this year’s curriculum for us.

Throughout the week, we will look at stories where Jesus reached out to care for others and calls us to do the same.  The children of the church will learn about Jesus supporting the least of these, feeding the 5,000, befriending the woman at the well, and healing the man, who was paralyzed and lowered by his friends into a house.  We will learn about the ways of Jesus!

These stories highlight the “superpowers” of Vacation Bible School!  The children of the church will learn to be strong with compassion, generosity, hospitality, and courage.  These “superpowers” do not require a cape or costume. They do not allow us to fly around the world or leap tall buildings, but they have great power! They can also be used in our daily lives.

We look forward to hearing the sounds of the children of the church throughout our hallways and classrooms.  As they discuss the stories of scripture, ask important questions, and sing wonderful songs, we will celebrate the ways of Jesus.  Our prayer is that Vacation Bible School will be formative and memorable for them.

We are grateful for all of the volunteers, who will serve this week.  There will be teachers and group leaders.  There will be countless church members preparing snacks and playing games.  We are grateful for Katie Murrah and Laine Adams, who are directing Vacation Bible School and for Gwynne Lovelady, who coordinated all of the volunteers.

As we gather around the children of the church, we will give thanks for their “superpowers,” as they continue to learn about compassion, generosity, hospitality, and courage!

– Tripp Martin

Auburn First Baptist Church