We are thankful for the children of the church and for those who take care of them!  Twenty years ago, Somchai Segrest started working part-time at Auburn First Baptist Church.  He has assisted with childcare on Sundays and during the week.  We give thanks for two decades of service to our congregation.

Our ministries, like Conversational English, Connecting Faith and Family, and Sanctuary Choir rehearsal, depend on childcare.  We must provide a safe environment for our children, while our parents are gathering elsewhere.  While they are at church, our children form important friendships and connections to this place.  We are thankful for Somchai’s role in this essential ministry of the church!

Somchai not only cares for the children of the church, but also he knows what it means to be a child at Auburn First Baptist Church.  His family moved to Auburn when he was young.  He spent many years in the Sunday School classes and hallways of Auburn First Baptist Church.

It is fitting that for twenty years he has provided the same support and care for the children of the church as he once received.  Somchai knows what it means to be supported and encouraged by this community of faith.  We are grateful for his commitment and for how he continues to share this support and encouragement with others.

We prioritize the children of the church, and we appreciate Somchai’s reliable dedication and dependable work ethic.  We are thankful for his twenty years of service!

If you would like to express your gratitude to Somchai, you can write him a note and mail it to the church office.

– Tripp Martin

Auburn First Baptist Church