Tripp Martin’s 10-year Anniversary as Pastor of Auburn First Baptist Church

It is with joy and thanksgiving that we celebrate the milestone of Tripp Martin as Pastor of AFBC for 10 years.  Walking the journey together as a family of faith allows the following words of affirmation from members to be shared with the Personnel Committee about our beloved Pastor.

“Tripp is one of the most gracious and compassionate pastors I have ever encountered. His kindness is genuine, and he takes care of our congregation in ways that truly make us a family of faith.”

“When I think of Tripp’s pastoral ministry, I think of ‘intention’ — Tripp’s care is never haphazard or flighty, and because of that, it is thorough for the congregation. I think of ‘honesty’ — Tripp’s care acknowledges the complex and often difficult nature of life, even/especially for young people, and because of that, it is compassionate for the congregation. I think of ‘friendly’ — Tripp’s care meets each person where we are, and because of that, our congregants feel cared for and ministered to without feeling condescended to or placated. I think of ‘resourceful’ — Tripp’s care has learning and thought to back it up, and because of that, it goes below the surface of pop-culture advice to soul-deep connection.”

“No member expects a pastor to excel in the three big tasks–preaching/teaching, pastoral care and administration. Our dear Pastor Tripp is the exception–he is outstanding in all areas. His leadership inspires us to think and grow, his kindness touches our hearts, and his example encourages us to be our best selves.  We thank God for Tripp and his family; they truly bless our AFBC family.”

“The symbol for the tenth anniversary is not silver or gold but tin. How perfect for Pastor Tripp and family at this time. From day one, we have had the gifts of gold and silver. The tin symbol declares going strong for some time. Durability and strength and longevity. With the wonderful gifts of caring and shepherding, the tin man with a heart, we value the gifts from the Martin family of stability and longevity.”

Tripp will be honored at the end of the service on Sept 17th and all are invited for a gathering moment in the courtyard to share a word of thanks.

–  The Personnel Committee

Auburn First Baptist Church