On Thursday, October 26, we will gather for our Quarterly Business Meeting & Potluck.  Each quarter we have a regular business meeting to review the quarterly financial report and tend to other agenda items for the congregation.  In the recent years, we started to have a potluck meal during these business meetings.

Whether we are reviewing the quarterly financial report or hearing a committee make a recommendation to the church, all of which are valuable and important, we also benefit from time together around the table.  In addition to our business meeting, the potluck meal provides us with opportunities to visit, share, and connect.

We learn and lean into our faith through worship, service, and study; but we also learn and lean into our faith around the table with others.  I cannot think of any important aspect of life where I did not learn something valuable about it by sitting around the table with others.  Either through conversation with others, or by sharing time with others, we gain insights, which inform our faith.

We learn about listening and prayer, dedication and responsibility, joy and hope, community and empathy around the table with others.  It is why we see Jesus eating with so many people throughout the gospels.  It is why a table is found at the center of the church and in our worship.

We gain so much around the table, but we also enjoy this time immensely.  It enriches our lives with friendship and laughter, not only informing our lives, but also bringing us such joy!

– Tripp

Auburn First Baptist Church