Where to Begin?

It can be difficult to know where to begin! We might stare at a blank computer screen unsure about what to write for the first sentence of our essay due for school. We might look at a blank canvas with a paint brush in hand unsure about where to put the first brushstroke. Beginnings are hopeful, and a gift; but they can also cause us uncertainty.
We need to remove the fear from beginning again, which is the gift of routine. We can begin again by relying on life-giving practices and weekly rhythms, which connect us to what is good. We find some of these practices and rhythms in community with one another. It is the gathering and going of the church!
It is as that wonderful African proverb says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” We begin again by going together! It is the shared journey of Deacon Ordination, Committee Night, Round Table, and Connecting Faith and Family. It is the rhythms of Children’s Choir, Youth Group, and College Bible Study. It is the connection we form through worship, prayer, and Sunday School.
One of the ancient pictures of the Church is a ship. We find this image drawn in Christian art and on the walls of ancient catacombs. We can imagine the winds of the Spirit filling the sails of this ship, carrying it forward. Our practices and rhythms allow us to gather in the boat and to spread out our sails.
We do not set out on a new journey alone. We join others, so we can discover the steadfast love of God. We overcome the fear of beginning again in these routine ways. We can write the first line of the essay or apply the initial brushstroke by joining hands with others!
The beginning of the year affords us many opportunities to join with others, where the winds of the Spirit can carry us forward. We find strength, hope, and grace through this journey!

Auburn First Baptist Church