A Cast of Thousands

In the wake of Committee Night, and at the beginning of another year, I am thankful to God for the church, thinking about all of the lay leadership which takes place every week.  Whether it is the work of committees, Sunday School teachers, or volunteers, there are countless people, who serve the church in numerous ways! Without this lay leadership, the life of the church would become anemic.

Some of these efforts take place out front, where we can see it happening.  We can express our thanksgiving!  Other tasks take place behind-the-scenes, where it is never seen, but always felt.  We are grateful for all thelay  leaders and volunteers guiding the ministry of the church, like the actors and stage crew of a play.

Lillian Daniel writes, “Christianity was originally written for a cast of twelve . . . but it has since been adapted to accommodate men, women, the talented, the untalented, the graceful, the klutzy, the rich, the poor, the wise, the silly, the brokenhearted, the joyful, the brave, the quiet, and the shy.  In other words, Christianity has been adapted to accommodate a cast of thousands.”  When we consider the bond that is shared between the actors and stage crew, as they work together to create something engaging and beautiful, we see a reflection of the church.

It is one of the reasons I am thankful that we gather for a meal whenever we come together for a Business Meeting.  It feels more like a family of faith tending to its life together instead of conversations inside a stuffy conference room.  It is more like the gathering of actors and stage crew, tending to the logistics and preparation of the play as they bring a story to life.  It is born out of a common purpose and the sacred journey we share!

The ministry of the church is practical and beautiful, like the production of a play.  It is engaging and cumbersome, life-giving and tedious.  It is why I am so thankful for the lay leaders and volunteers of the congregation, tending to the ministry and business of the church!

– Tripp