The Road Forward

We are a couple weeks into our forty-day journey of Lent, which carries us from the stark admission of Ash Wednesday, “from ashes we have come and to ashes we shall return,” to the eternal hope of the resurrection, and new life, on Easter morning.  It is quite the journey, taking us through all sorts of terrain.  It is a landscape full of reflection, repentance, hope, and grace!

As we reflect on our lives during this journey, we might consider the ways in which the love of God has shaped our lives.  When we look back, we can discover the moments, and experiences, where God’s love has impacted our lives. It can serve as a road map for going forward! We garner strength, clarity, and direction from those moments and memories.

It is like the short story by Flannery O’Connor, A Temple of the Holy Ghost.  O’Connor was an astute writer with an eye for the depths of faith in the midst of its cultural expressions.  In the story, a young girl goes to visit a convent, meeting the sisters who lived there.  When the young girl was leaving the convent, one of the sisters reached down and gave her a hug.

This seemingly innocent act stayed with the young girl because when the sister leaned down to give her a hug, the sister’s crucifix was pressed into her face.  It was unintentional, but it left a mark!  O’Connor reminds us that love always leaves a mark.

The impact of love stays with us! It can continue to speak to us about what is good and just. It can lead us forward, as we reflect on our struggles. It leads us to the ways of Jesus!

As we continue the journey of Lent, we can reflect on where the love of God has left a mark on our lives. We can listen for those moments and let them speak to us. They can invite us forward as well as invite us to share that same love with others.



Auburn First Baptist Church