Holy Week

The final week of the journey of Lent is Holy Week.  It is the week that redefines all of our other weeks!  It invites us to mindfully and prayerfully consider the meaning of what took place.

We begin Holy Week on Palm Sunday, waving palm branches in celebration of the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, but the winds of fear also rattle the leaves of the palm branches.  When Jesus talked to the disciples about turning towards Jerusalem, it was with a note of caution.

We will witness that on Wednesday, Jesus was betrayed.  He was not betrayed by an unknown enemy, but by someone he considered a friend.  The final events of his life were set in motion by someone he knew well, even trusted.

With betrayal still lingering in the air, we will gather around the table of communion on Maundy Thursday.  We will celebrate the meal called the Last Supper.  It would be the last time the disciples gathered to eat with Jesus.  It is also the meal, which helps us remember and understand the meaning of Jesus’ life and death.

On Friday, we will pause together, so we can find the strength in gathering together to face the death of Jesus on the cross.  We do not rush towards the joy of Easter morning because the joy is lost when we fail to see the agony of Good Friday.  We remember that the Light of the World went out, so we might rejoice in the return of this light on Easter morning!

Finally, we will rejoice on Easter morning as we give thanks that the darkness cannot fully extinguish the light.  We will proclaim the strength of the steadfast love of God over death!  We will give thanks for the faithfulness of God and the undying love of Christ!

We look forward to walking through this week together. It is the only way we can plumb the depths of its meaning and experience all it has to teach us.


Auburn First Baptist Church