April Showers

As people say, “April showers bring May flowers.”  We enter the month of April with the expectation that the last freeze of winter is behind us, but we also anticipate the soggy, rainy weather of this month.  The rain, though, makes way for the bright blooms and colorful flowers of spring!

We begin to anticipate the joy which follows the preparation, as the rain prepares for the flowers. First, there is sowing; then, there is reaping. We lean into the preparation, so we can enjoy the blooming!

The showers of April, though, take place during the season of Easter, which creates confusion. The season of Easter is supposed to be a time of blooming, not a time of preparation.  Lent was to prepare us for the season of Easter, but since it falls during the April showers, we are confused. But the confusion is also clarifying!

The cause and effect of April showers and May flowers should not limit our experience of grace.  We might find grace in the preparation as well as in the blooming.  We do not have to prepare in order to experience it.  We might experience it along the way!

In April, we will prepare and celebrate!  We will prepare for our Moore Lecture Series with Dr. Mary Foskett on April 21, which is rescheduled from last fall, as we also celebrate this annual opportunity for study.  Our youth will prepare for Youth Sunday on April 28, as we also celebrate their leadership.  Our children will prepare for Choir Recognition on April 28, as we also celebrate them at the Dessert Fellowship.

A life of faith always involves preparation and celebration.  We can find joy in both!  There are Sundays, where worship feels more like preparation for the week ahead, but there are also Sundays, where worship feels like a celebration of the week behind us.  We give thanks for both, for the grace of God is in the showers and in the blooming.



Auburn First Baptist Church