Life Together

Following the day of Easter, we are thankful for the extended season of Easter. It reminds us that Easter is not finished; it is just beginning! We enter the fifty days of anticipation, as we await the arrival of the Spirit of God at Pentecost.

During this season, we are thankful for the gift of the community of faith. It is the place, which is born out of Easter and made possible by Pentecost. It serves to encourage, shape, and sustain our faith!

The community of faith is woven into our lives, and we are woven into the life of the church. The church serves us as we also serve it. It is as Stephanie Paulsell writes, “We need places to pray as if someone were listening, to study as if we might learn something worth writing on our hearts, to join with others in service as if the world might be transformed.”

The community of faith can create an openness in our lives, where we pray as if someone is listening, study as if our lives will be changed, and join others in serving the needs of this world. We remain open during the season of Easter as we anticipate the coming of the Spirit.

Throughout this newsletter, there are opportunities to gather, study, and serve. We are thankful for the life of Auburn First Baptist and how we are woven together! It is a life together, as Dietrich Bonhoeffer says. It is the life of the church and the gift of the community of faith!


Auburn First Baptist Church