Operation Restoration

We are preparing for the upcoming week of Vacation Bible School, which will take place June 3-6, where the children of the church will fill our hallways with laughter and joy.  The planning and preparation have been taking place for weeks. It is always a highlight of the year for the children, and the leaders!

Our theme is Operation Restoration, which will help us explore various stories of scripture.  We will consider how God calls us to feed the hungry, care for the sick, forgive the hurting, and pray for the struggling.  All of these lessons allow us to participate in what God is doing throughout this world!

When we consider the steadfast love of God and the ways of Jesus, we find God’s grace restoring what is broken. The mercy of God is working to restore the wholeness of creation.  Vacation Bible School will teach us that we can participate in God’s love… at any age.

We are thankful for the many church members and volunteers tending to the details of VBS and who will be leading the children of the church.  We are grateful for Katharine Martin and Emily Wilkins as the Directors of VBS as well as many others leading music, creating crafts, teaching missions, and providing snacks.  It is an example of the many hands of the church serving the children of the church!

As we give thanks for Vacation Bible School, we hold the children of the church in our prayers, hoping this will be a week where they feel the love of the congregation and the reassurance of God. We hope they learn wonderful lessons, foster lasting memories, and have fun with their friends.

We hope the same for every teacher and leader as well! We look forward to participating in Operation Restoration together, restoring the wholeness of God’s creation.


Auburn First Baptist Church