Following Memorial Day weekend, we welcome the beginning of summer! The semester has finished, final exams are completed, and beaches are busy. We wear more sandals and have more cookouts. We travel to more places. Summertime is a welcome change!

These months are filled with many plans. We have a stack of books we hope to read. We have a vacation on the horizon. We have a major project to complete in the yard. We want to start running each day. We need to reconnect with old friends. We plan to go and do!

During the school year, life feels like it moves too fast for these goals, so we plan to do them in the summer; but in August, we usually talk about how fast the summer flew by. As we begin these months, we can make a commitment to the routines, which slow us down and call us to be aware of the present moment.

We can focus on the person in front of us. We can step out from behind the camera and notice our surroundings. We can pay close attention to the places we visit.

We can practice the routines of prayer, which can slow us down, while increasing our awareness. Prayer is a gift we always have with us whether we are in town or traveling to a new place. We can take it with us wherever we go!

We can pray with our eyes open as we notice our surroundings. We can pray at the end of the day as we reflect on our experiences. We can pray for the people we meet along the way or the loved ones traveling with us.

Prayer can call us to see what is in front us and to pay attention to the presence of God in our midst. During this summer, we might go and do; but the gift of prayer can open us up to God’s presence along the way.


Auburn First Baptist Church