Come to the Water

In July, our youth and children will attend Passport Camps! The children will travel to Eatonton, Georgia to the Rock Eagle 4-H Center, while the youth will be in Spartanburg, South Carolina at Converse University. It is a week that the youth and children look forward to every summer.

The theme for Passport this summer is Come to the Water, which is taken from Isaiah 55.1a, “All of you who are thirsty, come to the water!” (CEB) Water is essential for life! We depend on water to wash our hands, cook our food, and sustain our lives.

Many of us will spend a great deal of time around water this summer. We might sit by a lake on a hot afternoon, or we might relax while watching the waves of the ocean crash into the beach. We might spend a Saturday at a water park, or we might visit the neighborhood pool frequently. It can invite us to come to the water, where we find God’s strength and grace.

Water has always held a significant place in our faith. It is Moses hitting a rock in the desert because the people had nothing to drink, and they were surprised by a fountain of water. It is John the Baptist plunging Jesus into the waters of baptism, where we find the current of grace. It is Jesus’ invitation to offer a cup of water to a person who is thirsty.

When we come to the water, we discover renewal and redemption! As we gather around water this summer, we can listen again for this invitation. We can listen for the current of grace.

We also hold our children and youth in our prayers as they gather by the water and hear this invitation at Passport. We hope they will gain a renewed clarity of God’s grace and hope for their lives!


Auburn First Baptist Church