Welcome to the family of faith at Auburn First Baptist Church. As you may have already discovered, AFBC is a unique place of faith, learning, and ministry. It is our sincere desire to get to know you, to share in your gifts, to learn from you, and—hopefully—to contribute to your spiritual journey in the days ahead.

The beginning of any relationship is an important place, and this beginning is one that we take seriously. It is our hope and commitment that you will find your place of calling and service, ways to express and deepen your spirituality, and the ability to join with others of faith in authentic worship experiences.

To aid you in that process, the Church has developed this website. Through the various links and pages, you will find helpful resources about who we are as a people, what we do as a free and faithful congregation of Baptist Christians, how we organize, and what are our commitments and places of service.

Each component of the website is intended to function as a guide that enables you to discover your own interests and places of service as you are called by God. We encourage you to take time to read through this website and use it as a resource in the days ahead. Also know that, if you have further questions, you may use the Contact Form or email a member of our Church Staff, directly.

We look forward to getting to know you and to sharing with you in your journey of faith.

Auburn First Baptist Church