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On Welcoming a New Pastor

The calling of a pastor in the Baptist world is one of the strangest things. We are congregationalists, and there is nobody that tells us what to do. We meet as a group of people and we decide as a Baptist church what is our mission, what will be our connections, what is our leadership…

Sing, Church!

We are to allow music to say things that sometimes words cannot, and God hears those utterings expressed in music. And, we’re to focus our hearts and our heads on the music and not on our feelings while we worship. We’re not to be so committed to preferences and things that we like to sing…


God cares for us in all seasons, and God provides for us the plenty that we live out of most days. And, when we feel like we don’t have enough, and we are in need—and there are those times—God is still there.

A Tenacious Heart for God

What are we deciding to do for missions? We could say, for “the poor,” for those “that need justice,” for those who just need the light of the Gospel to shine where they are. What will we decide to do? Also, listen to our Global Ministries Offering day musical guest, Kate Campbell, here.

The Cup

Sometimes, when there are symbols of our faith about us, they make us feel something that even the preacher’s words—or even the notes of music sometime—cannot. One such symbol for the church is the cup.


Thanks for the privilege of sharing your pulpit with Dr. Fisher Humphreys in the days ahead. Basically, we will be “tag-teaming” each month. Dr. Humphreys will be with you beginning March 10th and through Easter. I plan to take the preaching baton in April. You are a gifted, bright, and resourceful congregation with a great…

Dark Corners: Prejudice

I’m going to talk about prejudice. It is good for the soul in the Lenten season to have the courage to look and see—even as washed and baptized Christians—do we have places that still need attention and cleaning?

On Reading the Bible

Christians are not unique in the sense of having a book that we read and that we reverence. Muslims have a holy book. Our Jewish friends have a holy book. Christians are unique in the sense that the Bible is the story that we believe to be true, and we seek to submit our lives…