The Letter to the Romans: A Vision for Peace

Join us for this five-week Bible study, beginning Sunday, August 13, at 5:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall.

A quick review of history reveals that we have always lived in a world full of division and debate. The church has always pursued the peace of God in such a world. As we navigate the world in which we live and the fractures around us, we can take notes from Paul on how he addressed the divisions and debates in front of the Romans.

Paul faced the steepest division the church has ever faced, the tension between Jews and Gentiles, by relying on scripture, tradition, and experience. The vision Paul had for the church, and the world, was the peace of God, which remains our hope today. We yearn for the peace of God, healing our wounds and redeeming the world’s brokenness. Through these words in Romans, we can discover the seeds of peace, as we navigate turbulent waters around us.

Auburn First Baptist Church