Sunday School


  • Provided for Birth through Age 4
  • Located on the 1st floor of the Education Building

In Preschool Sunday School, we strive to provide a nurturing, loving environment for all preschoolers and their parents to feel safe, welcome and special. Bible thoughts, verses, stories and age-appropriate activities help children develop a foundation of faith. Activity teaching invites participation by the child and introduces Biblical concepts naturally. These eight areas of teaching help children learn: God, Jesus, the Bible, Natural World, Family, Others, Self and Church.


  • Provided for Kindergarten through Fifth Graders
  • Located on the 2nd floor of the Education Building

Sunday School for children seeks to provide a healthy, creative, and effective Bible study time with children. Bible skills, verses, stories, worship and creative expression invite children to develop their faith in a group setting as well as on an individual basis. We also hope to help children cultivate Christ-like relationships with adults and friends.


  • Available to Sixth through Twelfth Graders
  • Located in the Youth Room in the Activities Building

Youth Sunday School offers a loving place for youth to know God through studying God’s Word, praying, singing, and discussing how God is active in their lives. Each Sunday, the youth are challenged to grow in faith and in their relationship with God. They are encouraged to care for one another and to be open to how they can serve God by serving others.


  • Located in the College Room in the Activities Building

The College Sunday School class is offered to all students as an opportunity to grow in their relationship with Christ as well as with each other. Questions and discussion are encouraged in our study of the Bible and as we deal with issues faced by young people today.

Companions in Christ

  • 2nd Floor Education Building

This class is a group of adults, who find themselves in various stages of life, studying the Bible together, as they share and discuss their concerns, faith and lives in a loving, caring environment. The common bonds of family, friendship and faith in Christ are strengthened through this class and the ministries and activities in which it participates, both in and outside the church walls.


  • 3rd Floor Sanctuary Building

Middle-age presents a host of new challenges and responsibilities… work, new relationships, growing family, or simply a new stage in life’s journey. We are a community of faith—Sojourners—that hope to grow closer in relationship to God and one another as we encounter scripture and share experiences along our quests in life.

Young Families

  • 2nd Floor Education Building

This class studies familiar and unfamiliar texts of the Bible that have shaped Christian community for generations. Many discussions tend toward the experiences, challenges, and celebrations we face as young families, finding in our faith the guidance and inspiration required for a better understanding of ourselves and those we love.

Young Adult Class

  • 3rd Floor Sanctuary Building

Focused on young adults and graduate students, our group seeks to develop authentic friendships through fellowship and worship. On Sunday mornings, we gather for Bible study in order to get a more three-dimensional view of who Christ is and who we are in light of those discussions.

Travelers — Women’s Intergenerational Class

  • 2nd Floor Education Building

This class is an intergenerational women’s Bible study, which meets for study and fellowship during the Sunday School hour, as well as maintaining a vibrant ongoing scripture discussion through the week via online forum. Using the seasons of the Church Year as our guide through scripture and discussion as our format, we seek to live more authentically through our encounters with God and each other.


  • Activities Building (Gay Street entrance)

This unique class represents those from their 40s to their early 80s. They represent diverse backgrounds but unite weekly for meaningful Bible study, prayer, and fellowship. This group participates in regular opportunities for building relationships as well as serving others.


  • 1st Floor Sanctuary Building

Bible study focused toward married couples in their 60s, 70s and 80s. This class forms a loving and caring group where relationships are formed through fellowship and mission activities.


  • 1st Floor near Fellowship Hall

An inclusive group of adults in their 60s, 70s and 80s who come from various backgrounds and theological perspectives gather to discuss their faith. Regular opportunities for fellowship in members homes and participation in community ministries build meaningful relationship among the people in this class.