Throughout our lives, and in every aspect of our lives, we have this opportunity to create something new — what Jesus called New Creation.

Discernment & Decisions

When we stand there at a fork in the road, sometimes we are scared that if we make the wrong decision, everything else will fall apart. And, whatever decision we make—either way—God goes with us.

Singing & Prayer

As we pray — thinking about our longings and our losses — we quickly discover that our words do reach their limit.

Sabbath & Work

Our vocation includes all that we do. It is our calling—our purpose. It is clarified by the practice of Sabbath, and it is shaped by God’s Goodness and Grace that is found at the center of Creation.

Forgiveness & Justice

Justice and Forgiveness have a vision of reconciliation, where wrongs are made right and brokenness is made whole. We see throughout all of Scripture, God is about new beginnings.

The Practices of Our Faith

Our faith is woven into our lives as we practice it every day. We will reflect on the different practices of our faith and the wisdom the church has gained over the centuries.

Abiding Peace

In many cases, the storms that we face are not the ones than are around us, but more often that not are the storms that are within us. And, instead of stumbling over our fear, perhaps we can search for — be open to — the abiding Peace of God.

Abiding Wounds

When we talk about forgiveness in our Faith, we also speak of repentance: that honesty we have with ourselves in looking at past decisions or previous experiences, where there are things that we might have done differently if we knew better.

Auburn First Baptist Church