Creating Sacred Space in Our Lives

A weekly devotional series presented by Tripp Martin, pastor of Auburn First Baptist Church. Auburn First Baptist Church is a free and faithful congregation of Christians, and a unique place of faith, learning, and ministry. For more information, visit

Count to Four

We never want to pretend that there are easy solutions to the hard emotions that we feel — or the tragic circumstances that we face — but if we can talk about how we feel, it opens us up to the power of empathy — and to the path of healing.

A Yellow Light

Like a tree that’s been transplanted, we need to give our roots time to find the nourishment that we need. It requires slowing down.


Throughout our lives, and in every aspect of our lives, we have this opportunity to create something new — what Jesus called New Creation.

Discernment & Decisions

When we stand there at a fork in the road, sometimes we are scared that if we make the wrong decision, everything else will fall apart. And, whatever decision we make—either way—God goes with us.

Singing & Prayer

As we pray — thinking about our longings and our losses — we quickly discover that our words do reach their limit.

Sabbath & Work

Our vocation includes all that we do. It is our calling—our purpose. It is clarified by the practice of Sabbath, and it is shaped by God’s Goodness and Grace that is found at the center of Creation.

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