Creating Sacred Space in Our Lives (Page 3)

A weekly devotional series presented by Tripp Martin, pastor of Auburn First Baptist Church. Auburn First Baptist Church is a free and faithful congregation of Christians, and a unique place of faith, learning, and ministry. For more information, visit

My Neighbor

One of the quintessential questions over the course of Rogers’ career and life is that question we heard him say countless times: “Won’t you be my neighbor?”

Awe and Wonder

We all have questions: questions about life and faith, through our experience of struggle or heartache, through our experience of creation and beauty, through our experience of joy and celebration.


The respect that Mr. Rogers had for children invites us all to never put a stumbling block in front of a child—to think about our words and our actions and how they shape the lives of children around us.

Ten Seconds

We can give thanks for the people who have cared for us, and remember the people in our lives that we can continue to turn to for wisdom, guidance, help, and assistance. None of us are meant to do this life alone.

Look for the Helpers

In every neighborhood, we find helpers. In the face of all kinds of tragedy, there are people who respond with kindness, mercy, and assistance.

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