Creating Sacred Space in Our Lives (Page 6)

A weekly devotional series presented by Tripp Martin, pastor of Auburn First Baptist Church. Auburn First Baptist Church is a free and faithful congregation of Christians, and a unique place of faith, learning, and ministry. For more information, visit

Sojourner and Sabbath

As we are practicing Sabbath — making room for God’s presence, creating sacred space in our lives — perhaps we see the value again of things like community, patience, kindness, service, hope, mercy, Love, justice, gentleness, and meekness. On Wednesday, we gather to reflect on “Creating Sacred Space in Our Lives” — a devotional series…

The Places of Scripture

One of the places that we might visit to give us a new perspective is that of reading Scripture. Oftentimes, we think of reading Scripture as a regular activity of learning, but perhaps it takes us on a journey to new places, as well, that creates space in our lives to see our place, our…

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