Building Sanctuary

Within these prayer-soaked walls, we discover a place where Heaven and Earth seem to meet—to brush up against one another—and where the Love of God is visible—even if for just a fleeting moment—in a world where it oftentimes seems hidden.

How Old?

After all of the Alleluias are over, we have to remember that God is the one who is and who was and who is to come. So, we say to one another today, in this room, “God knows your name”.

High Tide

We can wake up every morning, and the sand is smooth and hope is endless. And, we know that there will be more lines drawn in the sand on that day, but high tide will come along and wash them away, yet again.


It sounds like Jeremiah gives the wrong answer to each and every question, except God hears it differently. God hears humility, innocence, meekness—this different kind of strength.

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