In This Place

Then a connection is made.  When we hide behind our hands, we are not gone; we just can’t be seen.  Few discoveries are more important than this because in life some of the most valuable things we cannot see with our eyes.

"Pinnacle Hill" by Philip Halling


Our journey changes us.  Abram and Sarai received new names, Abraham and Sarah.  We are changed by both what is good and what is hard.


The original popsicle was the popsicle with two popsicle sticks, so you could break off one half of it and share it with a friend. It was a picture of gratitude.

The Red Letters

We can turn to the pages of the gospels and read the red letters, as Jesus’ words are placed in red in certain translations.  We can read the words in quotation marks, and we can take them seriously!

Come and See

Life and faith is more than we expect.  It is the reason the psalmist says, “God put a new song in my mouth.”  The psalmist had brushed up against the Spirit of God.

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