Let Us Pray

Our prayers call us to move beyond our loneliness — to trust that, as we reach out, there will be those to connect with who understand. If even Jesus prayed these kinds of prayers, we can rest assured that we will find the presence of Christ in them.


As hard as we try, we cannot take those fleeting moments of seeing the Christ after the Resurrection by simply putting it in our back pocket. The Glory of Easter is always interrupted by our everyday lives. Perhaps no more so than now.

A Common Bond

The Church started with a common bond. The Spirit of God blew through the room of Pentecost, gathering the people together, showing them how they were connected in a way that they had not seen before.

Take a Breath

We, too, might feel isolated and afraid, looking out upon the world from our front porch or the headlines on the front page. And, we long to see and hear the spirit of Christ, to know that nothing — absolutely nothing — can separate us from the steadfast love of God, reassuring us that in…

Down to Earth

When Mary arrived, she just stood outside for a minute — still feeling the gravity of the moment. And she stepped inside the tomb to see how empty it was. But then she turned around, and she saw Jesus outside the tomb, but she did not recognize him. She thought he was the gardener.

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