Holy Hospitality

Hospitality is how we put Love into action. It is opening ourselves to the other. And, hospitality leads to call, because it is in the opening-up that we hear, that we notice, that our eyes are opened to need.

A Rock

We are called to embody the Love that we see in Jesus the Christ: through the gifts of welcome, prayer, service, and kindness; the gifts of learning and teaching, listening and responding; the gifts of hospitality, generosity, encouragement, and humility, the gifts of reaching out, showing up, and standing alongside others.


Because God has met us in this place, we know that God will meet us in all of our places — wherever we are — because the lines between us are infinitely small.


You are a Child of God. You are called to the Ways of Jesus, and the Spirit of God binds us together wherever we are. We are in this boat together, and we are called to authenticity and Hope.

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