Sermons on Advent

Joy to the World!

We can meet the harshness of this world with the gentleness of Christ by giving away one coat when we have two, by protecting others from being taken advantage of, and by treating others fairly and with compassion. This is the joy of Christ!

Ready to Sing

The only question left to ask is, “How should we respond?” It is the question at the very heart of Christmas. What are we to say standing there beside the manger? What are we to do in such a holy moment?

Reclaiming Joy

Advent is meant to slow us down, so we can reclaim Jesus, remembering what he said, what he did, and what he thought was important. We slow down to reclaim the joy of new life, which binds us to others.


Advent reminds us of the dreams of God. What is it that God dreams about for this world? What does God hope for? Is it the wolf and the lamb living together in peace? If so, how do we make God’s dream our dream?

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