Sermons on Easter

By Our Love

When we have somebody to Love—or somebody to Love us—we can endure our hardest sadness, and we can put down our deepest regret, and we can celebrate with the utmost Joy, because we will see that the Home of God is among us.

The Table of Grace

We never want the Holy moments to end. It’s why we gather to remember. It’s why we gather around the table to experience, again, the Love of Christ—where rejection becomes Embrace, where brokenness becomes Strength, where defeat becomes Victory, and where death becomes Life.

Down to Earth

When Mary arrived, she just stood outside for a minute — still feeling the gravity of the moment. And she stepped inside the tomb to see how empty it was. But then she turned around, and she saw Jesus outside the tomb, but she did not recognize him. She thought he was the gardener.

Auburn First Baptist Church