Sermons on Grace

The Table

Tables are sacred places in our lives and in our faith. Just think of everything that happens around a table. We find the bonds of family, the making of friends, the stories we tell, the questions we ask, the prayers we say, the laughter we enjoy, and the grief we experience.

High Tide

We can wake up every morning, and the sand is smooth and hope is endless. And, we know that there will be more lines drawn in the sand on that day, but high tide will come along and wash them away, yet again.

I Heard…

A visible, chronic illness was oftentimes thought to be a curse—perhaps from God, or even the work of something evil. So, people who had an unclean illness were seen to have an unclean spirit, and disconnected from everyone around them—held at arm’s length, so loneliness accompanied them wherever they went.

Auburn First Baptist Church