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No Shoes Required

Walking around barefoot is not something that we do very often in front of other people. It’s why that sacred, beautiful, yet challenging practice of our brothers and sisters known as the Primitive Baptists—that practice of footwashing—causes us to hesitate just a little bit. Youth Choir singing “God is My Shepherd” The Complete Youth Sunday…

When Your Legs Won’t Reach the Floor

Theologically, our legs are like Anna’s: they’re often just a little bit too short. We sit in this place of worship—this sanctuary of God—and our feet, theologically, will just not quite reach the floor. We dangle in this space between belief and doubt, certainty and uncertainty. [button link=”http://bit.ly/JnzJI0″]Download MP3 Audio File[/button]

Watching Your Own Feet

We come to church because we need help with what is hard. And, if it is less challenging, it is less valuable. This means forming the right questions, so that we get the most out of our answers. [button link=”http://bit.ly/1fcQ1xX”]Download MP3 Audio File[/button]

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