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Two Verses, Two Steps

When we think about the depths of the Love of God, perhaps we need both — John 3:16-17 and 1 John 3:16-17 — speaking to all our lives, both spiritual and material, because those things are tied to one another.

Hands of the Church

In just a moment, we will lay hands on those who have been asked to serve in the role as deacon, setting them apart for a specific calling. For they will use their hands—as the Book of Acts says—to serve, as if waiting on tables.   [button link=”http://bit.ly/1cafDaQ”]Download MP3 Audio File[/button]   Congratulations to our…

Waiting with John the Baptist

John was not the type of person you allowed into the delivery room. He was more of the rough and crazy uncle who had not shaved for weeks. You know, the uncle-by-marriage that the kids avoided every Christmas. [button link=”http://bit.ly/1cv2VE6″]Download MP3 Audio File[/button]

An Oral History of Auburn First Baptist

In March 2004, John H. Jeffers (1921-2008), Pastor of AFBC from 1958 to 1986, presented three informal talks on the history of Auburn First Baptist Church. The Church’s 175th Anniversary Committee is pleased to make these recordings available for download using the links below: Oral History: Part 1 Oral History: Part 2 Oral History: Part…

Auburn First Baptist Church