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In recent weeks, I have walked through the rooms and the hallways of the church for the first time, opening doors I have never opened before. As many doors as I have opened and used for the first time, there are still closets and spaces I have never seen. Each room has a story. Around…

Musical Guest: Kate Campbell

You can listen to musical selections from our Global Ministries Offering Day worship service, by special musical guest Kate Campbell. Kate is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter whose songs are inspired by the people and culture of the modern South. Lord, Help The Poor And Needy and This Side of Heaven —Jessie Mae Hemphill, Kate Campbell Would…

A Tenacious Heart for God

What are we deciding to do for missions? We could say, for “the poor,” for those “that need justice,” for those who just need the light of the Gospel to shine where they are. What will we decide to do? Also, listen to our Global Ministries Offering day musical guest, Kate Campbell, here.