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Jesus, Thou Joy of Loving Hearts

Hymn #394 in Celebrating Grace Hymnal — Jesus, Thou Joy of Loving Hearts Jesus, Thou joy of loving hearts, Thou fount of life, Thou light of all, From the best bliss that earth imparts, We turn unfilled to hear Thy call. Meh. Whatevs. idc. Mom, I’m bored. There are lots of ways, old and new,…

God Has Given Us Creation

Hymn #29 in Celebrating Grace Hymnal — “God Has Given Us Creation” [pullquote_center width=”87%”]God has given us creation, stars and atoms, soil and air, To explore, to tend and nourish, to sustain us and to share. Through the nothingness of chaos came the word, “Let there be light!” Still the universe expanding sings of its…

Making the Most of Our Time

I order my life around time.  Everything I do—my processes, my daily activities—time is a constant for me, as it is for you.   Tick-tock, tick-tock.  One thing for sure about time: it’s constant.  It’s here, and we have to deal with it. [button link=”http://auburnfbc.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/AFBC_Brewer_20130120.mp3″]Download MP3 Audio File[/button]

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